Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Types of Guns

There are several types of guns today. As time goes by guns and technology evolves.

From a single barrel pistol into a single shot rifle and eventually it becomes an automatic rifle that can fire a 100 rounds per minute.

That's a beauty of technology fused with ingenuity to make weapons of today.

So here is the list of the types of guns:

Military Firearms:
- Long Gun
- Personal Defense Weapon
- Rifle
- Shotgun
- Sub Machine Gun

Machine Guns:
- Gatling Gun
- Machine Gun
- Mini Gun

Auto Cannon:
- Autocannon
- Chain Gun

Tank Guns:
- .50BMG

Artillery Guns:
- Artillery Guns
* Howitzer
* Carronade

Guns for Leisure and Entertainment:

Hunting Guns:
- Elephant Gun
- Express Rifle
- Muzzleloader
- Breechloader

Training/Simulation Guns:
- BB Gun
- Paintball Gun
- Airsoft Gun
- Water Gun

Explanation on each of this types will be up next...